Enzo Mari - Sedia 1

Enzo Mari - Sedia 1

The Autoprogettazione project was conceived by Enzo Mari in 1974. Initially, Mari would distribute a set of plans for constructing 19 different pieces of furniture that could be built with nails and off-the-shelf lumber to anyone who sent him a self-addressed envelope with postage. He believed that by building something, rather than buying it ready-made, a user would learn something about the design process and about how to assess well-built furnishings.  

In 2010, Mari (with Artek) produced an edition of the Sedia 1, as a ready-to-build kit. Nails included.   



34" high, 20" width, 21" depth

Enzo Mari - Sedia 1
Artek - Enzo Mari - Sedia 1
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